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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Fishing Report 10.4.18

Nothern PikeThe lake temperatures are falling and so are the leaves.

However, the fall fishing is getting better daily as the lakes continue to finish their turn over process. Look for the crappies to be schooled in deeper water on muddy bottoms typically found along the lake’s basin. Depths can range from 20-30 ft. Use a 1/8 oz. jig tipped with a crappie minnow and drag the bait slowly through the schools. The bites will be a “slurp” or “tick”.

Bass can be found schooled along deep weed lines as well as a good number of walleyes. They can be a large number of walleyes also found off deep water structure in the 35-55 ft. range. Trust your electronics to find these fish. They will bite just about anything that can be fished in those depths effectively. Trolling big spinner baits or shallow running crank baits are pulling pike off of the shallower weed flats in the 6-10 f. range.

Lotsa Fish! Lotsa Fun! Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, Captain Josh Hagemeister.

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