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June Blog

June 2022 Ready or not, summer is here A late spring sent us all scrambling to finish putting out docks, clean up winter debris and plant fields and gardens in a few days’ time in May. But on schedule Memorial Day weekend saw anglers heading for the lakes, lilacs and crab apples blooming and fawns […]

Fishing Report 1-12-22

The key word for this week in the Park Rapids area is “accessibility” Though the ice is thick enough to support vehicle travel on our lakes, snow and slush are the challenges. Plowed roads are only created by private individuals, so inquire with one of our local bait shops for information on travel. Crappie action […]

Fishing Report October 12th, 2021

Fall is finally here,  and the big fish are on the chomp. The fish are staging in first ice areas (which are similar to early summer locations). A live bait rig or jig with a large rainbow chub worked slowly along the remaining weed lines or deep mid lake structures like underwater points and deep […]


Summer’s fun events are back As we look forward to celebrating Independence Day, the pattern of warm days and cool nights has set in. If you’ve spent time in other states or even southern Minnesota, cool nights make “good sleeping weather,” and are one of the many reasons visitors have enjoyed a stay here for […]

Blog – May 2021

Listen to the quiet One of the things we appreciate about evenings and nights in the north woods is how quiet it is. There may be the hum of a utility box or an occasional airplane flying overhead, but often it can be perfectly still, peaceful, silent. That is when some sounds are welcome: loon […]

Fishing Report-April 13, 2021

It’s happy days again the ice is gone on many area lakes and thus begins the official open water fishing season.  And as the water temperatures rise so does the fishing action!  Personally, I like 54 degrees for easy fishing, but decent fishing will start around 45 degrees.  The easiest way to find the hot bite […]


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