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Celebrate Manufacturing Month in October!

October is Manufacturing Month in Minnesota, and as a part of that celebration, we’re excited to highlight the manufacturers in the Park Rapids Lakes Area who make incredible products right here in our communities. Join us in showing appreciation for local manufacturers who drive our economy forward, provide quality jobs for the residents of our community, and make it a great place to live!

Common Manufacturing Misconceptions

Myth: Manufacturing is dirty, dark, and dangerous.
Reality: Modern manufacturing is safe, clean, and high-tech.

A century ago, manufacturing workplace conditions were terrible. Now, manufacturing facilities are clean and safe with high-tech machinery and workplace standards that protect the well-being of employees.

Myth: Manufacturing is boring and for low-skilled workers
Reality: Manufacturing is a highly skilled profession.

With increases in automation and enhancements in technology, critical thinking, innovation, and a willingness to learn are essential skill sets in today’s manufacturing job market.

Myth: Manufacturing is a poor career choice.
Reality: Manufacturing provides stable and in-demand careers.

The manufacturing industry is currently the second largest in terms of employment in Hubbard County and across Northwest Minnesota. In addition, the field has been consistently growing in jobs over the past 10 years, and many manufacturers offer local, national, and even international opportunities for advancement.

Myth: Manufacturing jobs have low pay.
Reality: Manufacturing provides quality pay, especially in our area.

In Hubbard County, the average annual wage in the manufacturing industry is over $60,000, which makes it the third highest by industry and approximately 30% higher than the average across all industries in.

Area Manufacturers

For additional insight on manufacturing, check out our Manufacturing Week flyer here or visit us on Facebook.


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