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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 05.9.18

Good luck at the Minnesota Fishing Opener!

Good luck at the Minnesota Fishing Opener!

It’s going to be a good “opening day” bite on most Minnesota lakes this coming weekend.

Although walleye is the number one target for most anglers—The Crappies and Bluegills are going nuts just about everywhere—so it’s a perfect “plan b” if needed. They can be found feeding in and around the shallow spawning areas they will be spawning in a couple of weeks.

Small jigs and minnows under a bobber will boat plenty of fish. Don’t forget about your ice fishing tackle as well—perfect for open water Panfish as well! Mr. Walleye can be found either shallow or deep—it really depends on the stage of “shiner” spawning cycle.

If the weather is sunny and warm look for the shiners to be shallow along the shores and shallow sandy/weedy flats between shore and the first drop off—the walleyes will be there too. If it’s cloudy and cold ya might want to concentrate on the top and bottom sides of the first main lake drop off from shore.

The shiners tend to hold in deeper water under colder/cloudy conditions—and again the walleyes will follow then there as well. So on that note, look in the shallows first in 3-10 ft of water (near current areas if available) but don’t be afraid to look in 10-25 ft of water also.   Dragging a jig/minnow/leech combo slowly on the bottom will get fish. – Capt Josh Hagemeister

Lotsa Fish! Lotsa Fun! Minnesota Fishing Guide Service

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