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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Spring Fishing Tips

fishing tips for big panfish

Big Hooks = Big Crappies

This week we’re switching it up with spring fishing tips from Capt. Josh from Minnesota Fishing Guide Service.

Go big or go home!

Bigger hooks for more Spring panfish. I love big hooks—bigger than what you would think.  Hooks do not scare the fish, they attract fish—especially the colored hooks available today. These larger hooks will decrease the number of missed fish by increasing hooking percentage.

For bluegills I prefer a #8 or #6 Octopus hook from Gamakatsu tipped with a small plastic or wax worm this time of the year. A #10 is great, but it is so small your hooking percentage plummets.

For Crappies try a #6 or #4 Octopus hook tipped with a lively minnow. The mouth of a crappies is quite large, so take advantage of it! The water temperature is rising and so is the metabolism of the fish. Bigger hooks mean better hook-ups and more fish, give it a shot!

Lotsa Fish! Lotsa Fun! Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, Capt. Josh Hagemeister


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