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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Spring Fishing Tips

Fishing tips from Capt. Josh
Capt. Josh with a Walleye

Clean up your act and catch more fish!

Wash your hands! Wash your hands! Little did you know as a kid, your mom was giving you a huge fishing tip! Deer and fish. Both dumb as a stump, but both have a nose and a thing called natural instincts. I lean on the side of caution when I’m fishing.

Transferring foreign scents to the bait from your hands is not a good thing. I have a bottle of no-scent soap in the boat and tow vehicle. I make it a point to wash my hands, truck steering wheel, boat tiller handle and shifter handles on a regular basis. And yes, the cell phone too! Gasoline, oil, donuts, bacon, Doritos (yum), and gas station pizza do not go well with a new crankbait or jig/minnow combo.

Clean up your act! Catch more fish!

Lotsa Fish! Lotsa Fun! Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, Capt. Josh Hagemeister

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