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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 03.28.18

Go get those crappies!

Snow is melting and that means the masses of Crappies and Bluegills will be getting closer to shallower water.

For now I have been finding fish in a variety of depths, but for the most part in the 12-20 ft. range where they have been most of the winter. There is however a shallow population that never leaves the shallows, so never be afraid of looking in the 5-10 ft range—then and now.

Scan through the ice with your electronics until you find fish, pick two separate areas within walking distance and drill about 8-10 holes in each areas, then bounce back and forth.

It will take about 20 minutes for the fish to settle down/come back to biting full force. Use a small white or black jig tipped with a wax worm or spike. Plastics will work too, but the real thing NEVER fails.

More Fish! More Fun! Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, Captain Josh Hagemeister


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