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Spring is Sleeping In


Spring at the Mississippi Headwaters. Photo credit:Luann Ken Henk

Winter keeps tapping the snooze button on spring’s alarm.

As soon as patches of grass appear another storm covers the ground with snow, but the clock is ticking. An increase in Bald Eagles hovering around lakes means they’re finding open water and longer days quickly melt new snow.

Meanwhile community organizers have kicked into high gear planning summer events and festivals. The Chamber events committee is working on the Minnesota Bike Opener May 19 and summer events. The Downtown Business Association has scheduled the bands for 2nd Street Stage. Northern Light Opera Company has auditioned talent for “My Fair Lady.” Summer’s calendar is filling fast.

The Chamber’s new Discovery Guide shows many ways to Catch a Memory anytime at the source of the Mississippi River, at the lake, in the woods or enjoying a local celebration. Resorts and other lodging accommodations in the Park Rapids area invite guests to stay at the center of this extraordinary region and will help visitors realize their dream vacation. The Chamber website can also assist with your plans and offers a way to order your picture-packed Discovery Guide.

It is part of life here that we are optimists at the beginning of each new season and its progression of change. Our accommodations become your personal retreat and our wonderful community is your home away from home. If you don’t want to wait for summer, April can be a quiet time for a leisurely visit to see nature in transition, shop or just relax.

If you need help planning a memorable and affordable visit, need more information about the area or have questions, call our friendly staff at 800-247-0054 to learn more. – Luann Hurdlof


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