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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 03.07.18

It's a great time to catch panfish.

Big Ol’Bluegill

Fishing is great and will only get better until the ice melts…

Just as most ice anglers quit for the year, the action doubles if not triples as the ice starts to free itself of snow.  We concentrate on panfish—Perch, Crappies, and monster Bluegills for the rest of the winter.

Look for “night bite” Bluegills this time of year on the shallower muddy lakes!  That’s right I said night bite! As the sun sets the bottom of these muddy lakes 15-25 ft. deep come alive and the big Bluegills and Crappies bite all night long –so bring a light source.  Glow jigs tipped with a wax worm will do the job—beating out a Minnow almost every time. Last week we were catching Bluegills during the hours of 7 -11:30 pm like crazy. Crappies were mixed in as well.  

Look for the fish to be right on the bottom—literally. When it’s dark, the Bluegills feed and hide (from pike) on the bottom, so keep your bait within 12” of the bottom—only raising it up high once in a while.  

Lotsa Fish! Lotsa Fun!   Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, Capt. Josh Hagemeister,  

Where the panfish at?  Capt. Josh tells you this week.

Go catch those Crappies!



Deadline to Move Fish Houses Approaching

New Northern Pike Fishing Regulations Take Effect March 1st

You can check lake conditions on our Webcams page.


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