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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 2.20.17

ice bluegill ridge hugeWow, what a change in events this week ice fishing wise.  Although there have been warm temps and rain, ice fishing is still in high swing.  Have a backup plan as far as travel goes like a ATV or walking as the shorelines in some areas are weak for now.  Only a few more days of the pike/walleye season and then its an easy game of focusing on pan fish.  I have been finding good number of pan fish already in staging areas outside Spring spawning grounds.  If you have a secret Spring shallow water spot, just drill some holes on the closest break line near those areas.  With water running down the holes/cracks in the ice, make sure to fish high in the water column—sometimes only a few feet below the ice.  Use small natural colored tiny jigs (mimic the water insects they eat).  I prefer 3 lb test line and a long rod with a soft tip to see the bite vs using a bobber. Skip the split shot too.   The fish should only concentrate on your hook not a “jigging sinker”  Be safe, good luck, Capt Josh,  Minnesota Fishing Guide Service  www.minnesotaguideservice.com  www.minnesotaicefishhouserental.com 218-732-9919

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