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Fishing Opener and SO MUCH MORE! – Shrpa Collab

Click the links below to see all of the pictures, read about the adventures, and get a taste of what fishing opener in the Park Rapids area is like!

Summertime Scenes in Hubbard County

What to Expect

Touching all the bases for summer fun, rounding them off with a harmonious place to relax. This adventure has some nice jumping off points that can lead to a plethora of other wonderful experiences. Come see one of Minnesota’s greatest collection of shops and restaurants, or lakes and other natural resources. You’re going to love it here!



Park Rapids Minnesota, A Fountain of Youth For the Soul

What to Expect

You and the fam will cover a lot of ground with this adventure, starting off with a visit to the “Mighty” Mississippi Headwaters and ending with full bellies of creatively flavored ice cream. This trip also includes plenty of shopping that everyone in the group will appreciate. Park Rapids and surrounding areas have so much to offer, anyone could spend an entire month here and still never get bored or go hungry. I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed we haven’t been in this direction sooner. That just means there’s a lot of making up to do. We can’t wait to come back and add more memories to this new family tradition.

Feast, and Fish in Park Rapids

What to Expect

When traveling with multiple family members of varying ages, its nice to have countless options for enjoyment and adventure. Some wanted to shop, some wanted to fish, the dogs wanted to go for lots of walks, so everyone was happy this weekend. We were all captivated by the charm and allure of Park Rapids and surrounding areas. This will be our new annual family fling and we’re already planning next year’s trip. Cannot wait!!

Scales and Tails, Fishing Opener in Park Rapids

What to Expect

The surplus of fishable lakes in the Park Rapids area is just one of it’s benefits. Hypnotic landscapes, an incredible assortment of places to eat, and welcoming people everywhere you go, thats what makes for great times and treasured memories. Bring the whole family here because there is something for everyone. I know that phrase gets thrown around a lot but, trust me and see for yourself.


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