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February Business Member Of The Month

Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to present our first ever Business Member of the Month – Lamb Weston/RDO Frozen! They are the #1 potato company in North America and #2 worldwide (for now – we know they’ll be #1 soon!). They provide potato products all over thanks to the help of all of their quality employees. This business consistently partners with our community – whether it be sponsoring events, providing tons of local jobs, or showing their support for our town – they do it all! I was given the privilege of getting an awesome tour of their plant, that place is huge! They not only focus on quantity but equally as much on quality. Stay tuned this month for some fun pictures I was able to get while I visited and in the meantime enjoy this video!
Thank you Justin for the amazing tour and a huge thank you to Lamb Weston/RDO Frozen for 20 plus years of membership and for being a pillar of our community!

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