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Fishing Report April 22, 2021

With the waters warming up in some cases to the 45 degree range—so is the fishing

Fish the shallowest area lakes you can find.  Some of the crappies/gills are still in their winter areas, others are starting to move up into the shallows near shore to feed.  Look extremely close to shore—sometimes in 12”-20” of water.  On a good day, they are found in 3-6 ft of water around old bull rush beds.  Gently cast a light float and small jig minnow combo past the fish (hopefully you found them by visibly scanning the shallows with polarized fishing glasses) and pull slowly to the fish.  Avoid dropping the bobber directly onto the resting fish—they will spook away and never bite.  Sometimes shore fishing or dabbling with a long drop pole is more effect and stealthy.  One of my favorite early season areas to fish areas of downed brush, trees, or beaver lodges (fish in the branches)  in shallow mucky bays on the northern portions of the lake (the southern sun warms those waters first).  Good luck and remember—take a kid fishing!

noah crappie boat


Lotsa Fish Lotsa Fun!

Capt Josh



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