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Blog-April 2021

Awakening to a new day


Like the bear that knocked down our bird feeder last night and scattered the small feeders around the yard, some of us feel like we’re ready to come out of hibernation and start swinging, at least in a measured way.

Bear_portrait_7_8_19 (1)

Spring reminds us of hope, a fresh start. Sheep give birth to lambs, snow recedes and birch, poplar. maples and oaks will soon release fluorescent yellow-green buds.


The ordinary exercise of planning seasonal events is well underway, still with virtual meetings and a Plan B or C for if and when they might actually be able to happen. If the past year taught us anything, it was to be flexible.


It seems the only thing we know for certain is we don’t know what the next few months will bring but event planners are doing their best to let the concerts, festivals, shows and more go on safely.


A week at the lake is doable. Last season, fishing and family campfires worked and we all learned hiking can be not only good exercise, but bring peace of mind. Itasca State Park remains open. Like the rest of us, park naturalists are planning group activities and programs with safety measures in mind.


The Chamber’s new Discovery Guide shows many ways to Catch a Memory anytime at the source of the Mississippi River, at the lake, in the woods or hopefully enjoying a local celebration. The Chamber website can also assist with your plans and offers a way to order your picture-packed Discovery Guide.


It is part of life here that we are optimists at the beginning of each new season and its progression of change. Our accommodations can become your retreat and our wonderful communities are your home away from home.


If you need help planning a memorable and affordable visit, need more information about the area or have questions, Chamber staff can offer some advice. Call 800-247-0054 to learn more.

~LuAnn Hurd-Loff


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