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A Trip Up North May Be The Cure

A trip up north may be the cure

If you’re restless and feel the need to break out of life’s daily routine or your traditional Christmas may not be working out this year, we’re offering the cure. Head up north and connect with nature.
Until there’s more snow and ice, ,ATV riding, hiking back country trails and fishing close to shore offer an escape. Visit Itasca State Park and the Mississippi headwaters to be reminded beauty is all around us. You may see a Bald Eagle catching a fish in open water, watch a deer browsing sumac in the woods or catch a glimpse of a wild turkey along a trail. The Milky Way and occasionally the Northern Lights fill the night sky.
And when the snow falls, find adventures on snowmobile and cross country ski trails or break new ground on snowshoes.
WInter Walking
Like last year, some snow blankets the ground and woods; not enough yet for snowmobiling and cross country skiing, but it will be here soon. Ice on small lakes has begun to thicken, but please be cautious about when and where to set up. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources guidelines on ice thickness are at
Downtown Park Rapids invites you to Love Local/Love Small and find great service and friendly smiles at local stores as you fulfill those Christmas wish lists. Kids can also write letters to Santa and drop them off in the big red mailbox at the tree on Main Street. Then at 1 p.m. every Saturday in December, kids can get a glimpse of Santa and Mrs. Claus when they collect the letters. But remember to social distance so Santa can stay safe and get those gifts ready for Christmas.
All season, Park Rapids’ giant tree brightens Main Street on winter nights and stands as a symbol of small town cheer and good will, lighting the way to a New Year.
Take time in December to immerse yourself in the season’s small town charm or celebrate the arrival of a New Year. If you need help planning a memorable time or if you have questions, call our friendly staff at 800-247-0054 to learn more.
LuAnn Hurd-Lof

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