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September 2020

The transition to fall is already happening

September fields are “the sublime prelude” to fall. If you have read, “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer, her description of fields embroidered with drifts of golden yellow Goldenrod and pools of deepest purple Asters are stamped in your mind’s eye forever. You can see them already not only beside fields but along roadways and trails.

Rather than lamenting summer’s passing, celebrate fall’s fields of sunflowers, squirrels noisily gathering acorns, clusters of sumac’s bright red berries and early morning fog lifting off the lake. See it all on a drive, bike ride or walk or on an ATV trail in the back country.

A highlight of Labor Day weekend continues to be the Nimrod Bull Bash Sept .4, 5 and 6. Organizers have put a Covid-19 plan in place. For more information, go to

new bridge - fall

Itasca State Park is offering a limited number of naturalist programs and hikes, but guidelines for how to safely enjoy the park are spelled out at

Since the fall of 2006, Art Leap has introduced regional artists to visitors interested in learning more about their artwork, the creative process and how artists are often inspired by their natural surroundings. In lieu of a driving tour this fall, information about some of the artists who had committed to participating is now online along with their websites, Facebook pages or other contact information. If you were planning to do Art Leap, please“visit” these artists and support them.

Like Art Leap, the Headwaters 100 bike ride also is postponed until 2021.

The Fall Festival and Pumpkin Parties at Carter’s Red Wagon Farm will start Saturday, Sept. 26 and continue Saturdays through Oct. 31 as well as Thursday and Friday, Oct. 15 and 16 (Teacher Association weekend). The festival offers everything to love about fall and includes Medieval-themed wagon rides; corn, hay bale and straw bale mazes; a Scarecrow Band, Nerf Wars, giant pumpkin boats, a play barn-silo with a super slide and tree deck and bridge with a curly slide, hay bale castle, games and many more activities as well as great food. Stock up on pumpkins for fall decorating, too.

Or just head north for a stay and enjoy listening to the pine cones plopping to the ground, the scent of fall afternoon air, the sight of Goldenrod and Purple Asters and the feel of a warm campfire.

The Chamber Website has all the information you need to put together a memorable vacation or weekend visit. If you want help or have questions, call our friendly staff at 800-247-0054 to learn more.

~Lu Ann Hurd-Lof


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