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Early Winter Fishing Tip

Timing is everything


Sunset over lake in park rapids



One of the biggest mistakes I observe are dozens of ice anglers aiming to catch the sunset bite at the last minute.  The “golden hour” of fishing starts well before sunset—up to an hour sometimes depending on cloud cover.  One must remember the sun sets under the ice long before we see it go down.  I kinda think it’s around 45 minutes before. So plan accordingly.  Drilling holes, searching for fish, making noise at sunset is not a good idea—especially if you actually want to catch some fish.  Also take into consideration what side of the lake you’re choosing —the sunny side (east) or the shaded side (west).  The fish on the west side will be feeding before the fish on the east side.  Shadow effect.  “Lotsa Fish Lotsa Fun”  Capt Josh Hagemeister, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service  218-732-9919, 320-291-0708,



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