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Snowmobile and Ski Trail Conditions Report – 3.7.19

Snow depth in MN

Picture will be replaced when updated.

A weekly round up of snowmobile and ski trail conditions.

Forest Riders – 3/7/19 Co. 89 ditches, trail #24 and Co. 4 ditches to Park Rapids got done today.

– 3/6/19 – Mitch finished trail #9 & #14 (Two Inlets to the Prairie).

Snow – 6-8 inches & nice temperatures in the forecast for this weekend!

Grooming Schedule

Monday Grooming:
Trails in video – #32, #25, #46, #27, #31, #42
Other trails – #12, (middle #11) #16, #17, #18, #29

Tuesday: Osage & Wolf Lake, Itasca Park

Wednesday: #11 (T.I. to PR & city trails), #14, Allegator Alley

Thursday: #25, #24, #31

Nevis Trailblazers – 3/2/2019 Snow Report

Yesterday the Nevis Area received a good 1-2 inches of fluffy snow.

The weather is suppose to get cold for the next 4-5 days but next weekend looks like it will be darn nice for riding.

Be careful of area lakes with the heavy snow cover it has produced a lot of slush and water under the snow.

We have a full week of grooming planned this week and hope the weather cooperates for next week.

Itasca State Park

Trail conditions:  Lots of fresh snow! Conditions are great for winter sports! Four-inches fell Friday- Saturday (February 22-23) and more snow is forecast for Friday (3/1). The visitor center lobby is now open as a warming shelter for the snow season.

Ski Trails: Ski trails were packed on Tuesday. Packed trails are open for both classic and skate skiing. Track was set on Bike Trail and South Entrance on Wednesday. Heavy drifting and large amounts of debris on trails after Sunday’s strong winds. Conditions are good to very good. Be aware: Hills on Ozawindib and Deer Park have some divots in the base. Skiers should use caution on all hills since they can be steep, curvy and fast with big trees along the sides. Track may be more shallow under the big pines. Trails and grooming pattern include: Bike Trail Change in grooming Bike Trail is groomed for classic only. Track set from the Headwaters to the Douglas Lodge area, including access to the Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center. South Entrance Road Classic and Skate. Track set from the visitor center to Red Pine Trail. Skate lane combed. Red Pine Trail Packed between the South Entrance Road and Ozawindib Trail. Ozawindib Trail Packed from Wilderness Drive to the Red Pine Trail. Myrtle Lake Crossover Trail Packed between the Ozawindib Trail and Deer Park Trail. Deer Park Trail Packed from Wilderness Drive to the McKay Lake Crossover. McKay Lake Crossover Packed between Deer Park and Desoto Trail. Desoto Trail Packed from Wilderness Drive to McKay Lake Crossover. Aiton Heights Trail Packed from Ozawindib Trail to Aiton Heights Access Road. Wilderness Drive Packed from the bike trail crossing to Desoto Trail.

Snowmobile Trails: The groomer came through the main part of the park on Tuesday, February 26 and the east side of the park on Wednesday, February 27. Conditions are still holding well and are very good to excellent!

Snowshoe Trails: Fresh snow means nice snowshoeing. If breaking your own trail, conditions are excellent. Longer snowshoes are good for off-trail since snow depth can be well over 3-feet in some areas. Dr. Roberts Trail is well used. Snowshoers are asked to stay off of groomed ski trails. Snowshoe Trails include: Dr. Roberts, Brower, Schoolcraft, LaSalle Trail and the self-guided trail by the Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center.

Click here for Snow Depth and Groomed Trail Conditions in DNR maintained areas.

Outdoor Events

March 19 – Circle time Under the Pines: A is for Animal Ears

Making the trip up?  Here’s where to stay.

Once you’re in the area, stop into the Tourist Information Center off of Highway 71 South in Park Rapids.  We’ve got trail maps for all sorts of trails; hiking trails, Itasca trails, snowmobile trails and more.  What we don’t have, we’ll find for you.

Tourist Information Center

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