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Fishing Derby Fishing Tips from Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s

Fishing Derby Fishing Tips from Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s

fishing derby

Photo by Civic Brand, Menahga Family Fishing Derby.

Who doesn’t like a fun old fashioned fishing derby? With a little luck you’re driving away in a new truck.  Here are three simple tips that can help up the odds in a controlled fishing derby (pre-determined area with pre drilled holes).

1. Fish the outside edge of the group. The odds are that the fish are going to be spooked by all of the commotion. So pick a hole on the edge of the group—not the middle. Better yet, try to do some research of the contest area and try to determine if there is any fish holding structure under the area. If there is, pick an outside hole on or nearest the structure.

2. Use fresh bait! Most ice anglers will stick with the same tired out minnow or juiced drained wax worm the whole time. Change your bait every 10-15 minutes to up your odds of attracting and catching that one special fish.

3. Fish for easier to catch fish. Depending on the lake (research fish populations on the DNR LakeFinder website) and the prize structure of the event, you should aim for what is the most populated in the lake. In other words, if the lake has a strong Pike population—then concentrate on bait presentations that will catch a pike like flashy baits with large minnows. If the lake has a strong Panfish population, then fish for Panfish with small jigs/waxies/Crappie minnows etc. As a rule of thumb, ignore trying to catch a Walleye—to noisy, mid-day, and generally more difficult to catch. Good luck and if any of these tips help you win, send me 10% Lol.

Lotsa Fish! Lotsa Fun! Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, Captain Josh Hagemeister.

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