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100 Years of Summer – 1980 Water Wars Edition

Roll up your sleeves and dig deep for a can of orange pop.  Don’t worry about the sticky on your hands from caramel apples, you can always find some little kid who will be willing to lick it off.  Quick!  We need more polish, and buns too.  Whew, where’s some shade?” – So begins a letter that circulated the Jaycees Women in July 1980 when they organized the Legends & Logging Days.

Back then, the Jaycees ran Legends & Logging Days (or as it was called Logging Days).  In 1980 there was a parade, logging competitions and more.  The fact that they had time to make Logging Days happen right after the town’s centennial celebration is marvel of hometown pride and volunteer organization.

Like this year, it all started with Water Wars.


Nowadays, the winners get the Loony, a traveling trophy that’s been making the rounds since 2008.

Water Wars Teams

– $25 Registration Fee per team

-Ages 16 +

-4 to 6 members per team

We are limited to 16 teams because Water Wars is right before 2nd Street Stage August 9th at 5:30 PM

Last year’s winner was the Park Rapids Fire Department, register your team by stopping into the Visitor’s Center or calling the Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce 218 732-4111.

We’re also looking for sponsors and volunteers for Legends & Logging Days.  Here are the packages we’ve put together and how they benefit sponsors.


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