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Winter Trail Conditions; Snowmobile and Ski, 3.1.18

A view from the groomer by the Nevis Trailblazers

A view from the groomer by the Nevis Trailblazers

Trail conditions are good even though it’s warming up.  Trails in the woods are looking great.

Updated 3/2/2018


Park Rapids Area

Nevis Trailblazers

Groomed the trails 2/27/2018

2/25/2018 – Wow wish we would of had this a month ago!!  I been out tooling around the last hour and the snow is deep!! We have a full week of grooming this week and the trails should be in great shape. Hope it does not get to warm this week!!  Seen lots of sleds out yesterday and so good to see!! The sleds pack the snow and the groomer works the trails better that way which is good.
I am heading out now for a ride going north hope to see you out there.


Itasca State Park

Forest Riders Snowmobile Club

3/1/2018 – The warm weather has certainly been a damper this week. The truck trails, plowed roads & the shoulders of the roads are going to be close to bare, however there is still good amounts of snow on the trails, lakes, ditches & fields

2/28/2018 – The trails have been groomed and should be ready for the weekend. We have had a few warm days in the mid-to-high 30s. This has caused the snow to melt down some and make it a little rougher. Although we still have good amounts of snow, this weekend’s forecast also looks to be in the high 30s.

Snowmobiles in the forest

It’s warming up but the trails in the forest are still great!


Soaring Eagle Ski Trails

Itascatour Outdoor Activity Club

2/25/2018 – All trails at Soaring Eagle groomed and tracked Sunday morning. Great snow.


Upcoming Outdoor Events

Sunday, March 4, 2018 – Laurentian Lakes Snowshoe at Tamarac

Sunday, March 4, 2018 – Soaring Eagle Ski Trails Open House


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