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Winter Trail Conditions: Snowmobile; Ski & Snowshoe, 1.04.18

Forest Riders Snowmobile Club:
January 2, 2018

Where the Groomer has been & going:
MON – Trail #17, #21, #6 & north half of #11
TUE – Itasca State Park

Reporting more snow on the west side of our trail system than east. Snow is covering trails, but there’s not an excess. Also spotted Naytahwash out grooming today.

WED – heading west ~Trail #18
THU – through Park Rapids
FRI – Emmaville area

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Soaring Eagle Ski Trails:
December 28, 2017

Hello Happy Skiers! Trails were groomed today, although there isn’t enough snow to set a proper classic track. We’ll keep trying to get that down. Ski conditions right now are fair to good. Stay warm!

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State Snow Depth & Groomed Trail Conditions in the Park Rapids Lakes Area

Heartland Trail:
January 3, 2018

Both the North & West trails are considered in poor condition.

Itasca State Park:
January 3, 2018

Trail conditions: The snow is holding well with the cold weather. Our 8-inches of snow does make the winter big pine scenery more stunning and we are starting to enjoy some snow sports.

Snowshoe Trails: We are at the thresh hold for using snowshoes, visitors can hike or snowshoe along the snowshoe trails at this time. The snow depth will vary from 8-inches plus in open areas to just a few inches under the conifers. Be aware of icy patches from December rain events that froze on cold surfaces. Trails include: Dr. Roberts, Mary Lake, Brower, LaSalle, Schoolcraft.

Ski Trails: Crews were out on Tuesday, January 2 with the groomer packing and setting track. Classic Track was set on the following trails: Bike, South Entrance Road, Red Pine (between South Entrance and Ozawindib), Ozawindib (from Wilderness Drive to Red Pine), Deer Park (from Wilderness Drive to Myrtle Lake Crossover), Myrtle Lake and McKay Lake Crossovers, Aiton Heights Trail (from Ozawindib to the Aiton Heights Tower Road), Wilderness Drive (from Douglas Lodge to the Aiton Heights Tower Road). Skate Lanes were set up on the following Trails: Bike Trail, South Entrance Road, Wilderness Drive (from Douglas Lodge to the west side of Wilderness Drive by Bohall Lake). Skate skiers are asked to not skate on the classic track on shared trails. Packed Trails include: DeSoto Trail from Wilderness Drive to Eagle Scout Trail.

Hikers are asked to not walk on ski trails.

Snowmobile Trails: The groomer was out on Tuesday, January 2. Trails are poor to fair. Base is shallow.

LaSalle Lake Recreation Area:
January 3, 2018

Trail conditions: Snow depth is at that thresh hold for snowshoes. Visitors are able to hike and snowshoe the trails at this time. Snow depth will vary with 8-inchs plus in open areas to just over a coating in the heavy conifer covered areas. Be aware of potentially icy spots under the snow after last week’s rain froze.

Snowmobile Trails: No current update on grooming status at this time.

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