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Winter Trail Conditions; Snowmobile and Ski, 1.26.18

Forest Riders Grooming Itasca 1_21_14

Forest Riders Grooming Itasca (2014)

Soaring Eagle Cross Country Ski Trails

Itascatur Outdoor Activities Club

January 22, 2018 – From SkinnySki, Monday, January 22: “Conditions are fair. Three days of above freezing temps have left the trails generally icy and thin in spots. Lillie’s beginner loop is fine, and the first and last parts of Eagle are also ok, but the south side of Eagle is rough. Troll has had much less skiing on it, so is not as bad as Eagle, but still has steep, icy hills with turns. If you ski the hills, be prepared to control your speed on scrappy skate lanes. We saw lots of boot prints on the hills of Eagle yesterday! Groomers can’t do anything with this until we get more snow. (Deane Johnson)”




Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Trails

Nevis Trailblazers

January 23, 2018 – Well we are all so jealous of our neighbors to the south. The reports coming in are telling us that some areas received as much as 17 inches of snow. We could of really used even half of that.  But as it stands we are for the most part still snow covered. Our groomer is up and running (Thanks Karl!) and we are grooming this week. We will have our entire system groomed this week and will be ready for the weekend.  I have had a few reports from riders telling me the trails are actually not bad at all. The forest continues to be better riding.  It does not look like any snow in the near future so lets keep praying and hoping.


Upcoming Outdoor Winter Events:

January 27, 2018  – Itasca State Park:  Presenter Under the Pines and Lantern Lit Ski & Showshoe Event

January 28, 2018 – Soaring Eagle Ski Trails Open House


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