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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 4.5.17

ice fishig tackle boxIce fishing is coming to an end quickly.  For me, it’s been a great productive ice fishing season.  Tons of fish have been caught, pictures taken, memories made for countless guests.  In a couple weeks, the open water guide season will start and I will again be working the 75 hour a week grind until November.  So for now, I’m done ice fishing—taking a quick vacation–so the reports will be on hold for a couple of weeks.  However, fishing tips will take its place.

My first tip, don’t put away your ice fishing tackle.  Some of the best spring panfish presentations include using the tiny jigs etc that are in your ice fishing tackle box.  I carry my ice fishing gear all summer long.  Also, stock up on wax worms or spikes now, so when the bait shops stop carrying them, you will have a good supply well through spring/early summer.  Good luck out there Capt Josh Minnesota Fishing Guide Service.  218-732-9919


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