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Smokey Hills Fishing Report – 8/14/16

Walleye - Find the deep weed edge and move fast! Walleye are active this time of year and can be caught trolling with any number of Rapalas. Ask Josh at the store to point out some hotspots on your local lake.

Northern Pike- The big pike are hanging pretty deep from 15 to 30 feet of water. Use lead core line and an 8″ Jake to get in the strike zone.

Bass - Out on the deeper sunken islands, sunken bars, taller weed beds in anywhere from 5’-15’ of water. Looking for the most lifelike lures like worms, crawfish, and frogs. Tie on an Outkast “RTX Jig” paired with any of the Yum Plastics such as the “Chunks, Christie Craw, and Bad Mama” For the best luck at hooking that big mama!

Sunfish/Crappie - They are still hunkered down in the taller weed beds and structures sitting 12’-18’ of water. Mostly on the hunt for any one of VMC’s “Wingding, Boottail, or Nymph all tipped with a small leech or crappie minnow.

Josh Severtson
Smokey Hills Outdoor Store
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