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Minnesota Guide Services Report – 8/4/16

Fishing in the Park Rapids area is remaining strong especially with the walleye fishing. Depth ranges include 12 to 40 feet with a good average of 15. Nightcrawlers and leeches have been the best bait and will also help you catch bonus bluegills and bass. For bass work spinner baits through the bullrush beds at a slow to medium retrieve or use a jig worm combo on the deep we live near cabbage beds. The big panfish have pulled away from the shallow weeds and can be found in large numbers along the weed line suspended off the bottom  5 to 8 feet. Simply drop a small jig head over the side of the boat with a chunk of a leech on it and hang on. As the water temperatures increase northern pike tend to be lower in the water column to remain cool so in this case trolling spoons  may not work that well I would concentrate on something shiny and bright and work it along the bottom through the weeds almost like you’re fishing for bass. Good luck out there captain Josh Minnesota Fishing Guide Service 218-732-9919 or


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