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Smokey Hills Fishing Report – 7/16/2016

Park Rapids Area Fishing Report 7/16/16
Courtesy of: Josh Severtson, Smokey Hills Outdoor Store

Walleye - Most fisherman finding the eyes right on or just off of deeper weedlines and shelves running 18-24 ft of water.  Tie on a Lindy “Lil Guy” paired with a Redtail minnow, night crawler or large leech for best luck at finding those elusive keepers!


Northern - Looking for some cooler waters after the last few weeks of scorching temps in the taller weed growth out deeper in about 10-14ft of water looking for a Eppinger “daredevil” in either ¾ or 1 oz.


Bass - Still able to find a few in the shallows in 5’ or less. The majority of the bigger bass are going to be anywhere from 5-10’. The bass are on the hunt for an Outkast Tackle “RTX Jig” paired with a VMC plastic “Chunk”, the ideal setup for the 5+ LB. bass!


Need advice or help on how to do it? Come see Josh in the fishing department!


Crappie -Looking for the big tall cabbage beds, deeper timber, anything structural out in that 14-18ft of water. Tie a VMC “Nymph” or “Wingding” on and tipping either of them with a crappie minnow, small leech or crawler for the best luck at having that fish fry!

By Josh Severtson


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