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September is a Gift

September 2009
September is a gift

September is a gift which Mother Nature slowly unwraps for us. First, the sumac leaves turn red as garnets and maples offer showy orange and red. Later, birches and poplars display golden leaves, all the more beautiful in contrast to the rolling green of Norways, white pines and spruce and mirrored on the water of our crystal clear lakes.

If you listen, you can hear acorns and pine cones plopping to the ground. The loons, Canada geese and other waterfowl begin gathering to fly south, noisily announcing their departure. In the morning, a mist rises from the lakes and fog obscures the sunrise, but we hear the parting calls nonetheless.

As the quiet sets in on our lakes and forests, the countryside becomes alive with activity as we finish digging vegetables from our gardens and begin harvesting our fields: potatoes, sunflowers, beans, corn and hay.
Cider replaces lemonade, sweatshirts cover tank tops and we light the fireplace against the chill. But fall is no time to stay inside. Pick your mode of transportation – walking, hiking, bicycling, motorcycling, ATVing, driving a car. It’s time to enjoy the gift.
When fall’s colors paint the landscape, beauty is inescapable. Fewer people and mosquitoes will invade your space as you explore the area’s parks, trails, byways and waterways. Suddenly, you notice the trees arching overhead and every shrub by the wayside attracting attention. Itasca State Park is never more glorious than when the colors reach their peak. Remember to bring your camera.
If you are looking for things to do in fall, head to Akeley for Hay Days Sept. 18-19. Pick up a map and visit artists’ studios and other cultural destinations in Art Leap 2009 Sept. 26-27. Sign up for the Headwaters Hundred bike ride Sept. 26. Or take part in a fall fishing tournament. The Chamber Website offers information about these and other fall events. You also can find suggestions for day trips and fall color tours.
If you need help putting together plans for a memorable and affordable visit or if you have questions, call our friendly staff at 800-247-0054 to learn more.


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