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August 2009
Summer’s not over ‘til it’s over

Yesterday we saw a dad and his two kids buying bait. A clerk netted small, wiggling, silvery shiners from a water tank for the trio and they headed out the door. It’s fun to imagine the rest of the story. The kids donning life jackets as their dad unloads a boat from the trailer and parks the car or maybe as they wait on the dock at a local resort for dad to load gear. Then the kids jump in and feel the breeze on their faces as the boat skims the water and they head out onto the lake.
It’s likely that between nibbles on their bait, the kids will see a loon diving under the water or an osprey or eagle circling overhead.
It’s an experience hundreds of families travel here to share each summer, youngsters learning the joy of landing a crappie, sunfish or walleye as their dad remembers the first time his dad brought him to the lake. Only the equipment has changed; the memories are the same.
If you haven’t made it up north yet; it’s not too late. Labor Day is weeks away. Our lakes, parks and trails invite exploring.
Maybe the summer memories you want to create with your family are water skiing or building a sand castle, walking across the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Itasca State Park or riding bikes as a hint of fall’s colors begin to change the landscape.
It’s not too late to plan a trip. The Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber Website can get you started. You will find events, ideas for day trips, guides to our parks, trails and attractions and information about places to stay.
We should say you may be pleasantly surprised at the “hot deals” you will find for some local accommodations as the season winds down. A stay doesn’t have to cost a bundle and many of the activities here are free or cost much less than you expect.
If you need help putting together plans for a memorable and affordable visit or if you have questions, call our friendly staff at 800-247-0054 to learn more.


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