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Ice Fishing Report

As the ice thickens from as low as 4” up to 8” on area lakes, hopefully the slush will go away! For now,
foot traffic, small ATV’s, and portable shelters will get you to the fish—which are being caught plenty
close to shore. Find still healthy weeds in the 6-10ft range and you will find sunfish, crappies, bass, and
pike. Move out a little further towards the weed line in the 11-15ft range and you will run into roaming
walleyes. There is no need to venture out into the middle of the lake at this point in the season, it can
literally be a waste of time. Most of the action is between shore and the first drop off. The weed flats inice fishing bass will
between are key—for crappies too. Save the “deep hole” strategy for the crappies until late January –in
most cases they will be in the shallow weed bed/flats until then gorging on “fry”. Lotsa Fish! Lotsa Fun!
Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, 218-732-9919, Capt Josh Hagemeister.


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