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Snowmobile and Ski Trail Conditions Report – 3.22.19

snow depth in Minnesota

Map will be updated when the new one is posted. Snow depth is more in the 15-18 inch range.

Forest Riders – 3/21/2019 First day of Spring and we will be putting the groomers in storage.  It was a phenomenal season!  *Gates open until April 1st.

Nevis Trailblazers – 3/21/2019 Snow Report

Well with warm temps the conditions are deteriorating rapidly. As best I can tell the trails are still snow covered. I drove through the forest and everything looks ok. Things are really crusty in the mornings but loosen up when the sun is out. I am sure you could still ride this weekend if you wanted too. I seen two sleds out yesterday on the heartland trail. I will sneak out this weekend and check it out for myself. I am sure the Forest is probably in good shape yet. Some of the ditch trails don’t look the best with slush and water. If anyone gets out please share it with the group.

Soaring Eagle Ski Trails – Closed

Itasca State Park – 3/20/2019 With warmer spring temperatures, snow conditions are deteriorating. Conditions range from icy and hard in the mornings and evenings to mushy during the day. Trails were not groomed this week due to spring snow conditions. The visitor center lobby remains open as a warming shelter for the snow season.

Ski Trails: Trails range from very soft with the potential of becoming frozen hard as temps drop below freezing. Watch for icy conditions.

Snowmobile Trails: As of March 20, grooming has ended for the season on the snowmobile trail. Conditions are fair and still have snow.

Snowshoe Trails: Be prepared for the soggy spring conditions during the day as temperatures rise and the snow settles and gets sticky. Snowshoers are asked to stay off of groomed ski trails. Snowshoe Trails include: Dr. Roberts, Brower, Schoolcraft, LaSalle Trail and the self-guided trail by the Jacob V. Brower Visitor Center.

Nature Notes: Enjoy a walk to the Headwaters of the Mississippi River, the water keeps flowing year-round where the water leaves the lake at the rocks. Lakes are froze over. Visitors are asked to use caution around any ice since ice thickness can vary, especially around any flowing water near streams, creeks and rivers. Enjoy winter birding! Pine grosebeaks, pine siskins, redpolls, nuthatches and chickadees are abundant. Warm up in the visitor center and enjoy the birds at the feeder stations. Gray jays are back in closer to park buildings. Enjoy winter photography!

This post will be updated as reports come in.

Last update 3/22/2019 2:41 PM

Making the trip up?  Here’s where to stay.

Once you’re in the area, stop into the Tourist Information Center off of Highway 71 South in Park Rapids.  We’ve got trail maps for all sorts of trails; hiking trails, Itasca trails, snowmobile trails and more.  What we don’t have, we’ll find for you.

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