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Winter Trail Conditions; Snowmobile, Snowshoe & Ski, 3.22.18

Heartland Trail in Park Rapids

Heartland Trail in Park Rapids

Itasca State Park

Forest Riders
3/19/18 – Groomers will not be out this week. It’s getting pretty limited out there. However, this coming weekend sounds like there may be a little snow in the forecast; so I’m not sure if it’s time to put the sleds away or wait to see if we can still play?!

Itasca State Park Snowmobile Trails

3/21/18 – Trails are in poor to fair to good condition, depending on where you are in the park. The groomer passed through the park last week (March 14). Trail conditions will vary with heavier use on the East side of the park. Some dirt and bare spots on south facing slopes, corners and tops of hills. Snow is holding well in the shady, forested areas.

The Heartland Trail heading out of Park Rapids.

The Heartland Trail heading out of Park Rapids.

Soaring Eagle Ski Trails

3/16/18 – The road at Soaring Eagle is rutted and will get worse as it warms up. Classic trails will be icy and bare in spots. Conditions are not great, maybe early in the morning it won’t be sticky just very icy.


A close-up shot of the ice by Heartland Park.

Itasca State Park Snowshoe and Ski Trails

3/21/18  Snowshoe Trails:Snowshoeing is great if you break your own trail. Otherwise, snowshoe trails are getting more packed from use and the warm temperatures. If snowshoers go off-trail, the snow depth will vary from 18-inches plus in open areas to bare ground on sunny south facing slopes. Trails include: Dr. Roberts, Mary Lake, Brower, LaSalle (trailhead in Pine Ridge Campground), Schoolcraft. Please do not snowshoe on the ski trails.

Ski Trails:Trails are still in fair to good condition. Be aware, conditions are changing as the week progresses. One-inch of fresh snow on Tuesday has helped conditions. Track is getting shallow and conditions can be icy early in the morning and starting at sunset. A few locations are showing bare ground along the edges of the trail. Use caution on south facing areas of trail that are in full sun. Classic Track Last tracked trails were on March 13 includes: Bike, South Entrance Road (to Red Pine Trail), Red Pine (between South Entrance and Ozawindib), Ozawindib (from Wilderness Drive to Red Pine), Myrtle Lake Crossover, Aiton Heights Trail (from Ozawindib to the Aiton Heights Tower Road), Deer Park, DeSoto, Wilderness Drive from Douglas Lodge to DeSoto Trail. Skate Lanes Skate lanes were last combed on March 13 and include: Bike Trail, South Entrance Road (to Red Pine Trail), Wilderness Drive (from Douglas Lodge to Nicollet Creek/Bison Kill Site). Skate skiers are asked to not skate on the classic track on shared trails.
Hikers and snowshoers are asked to not walk on ski trails.

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