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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report, 10.18.17

musky 45 2Wow, what a gorgeous week to be in the North woods! Leaves are colorful and falling quickly and so is the water temperatures around the area.  Look for water temps to be in the upper 40’s up to mid 50’s.  This is the sweet spot folks for fantastic fall fishing for everything from pan fish to muskies.  Look for the big perch cruising the shallows along with some of the biggest pike in the lake.  Troll 12”-18” suckers on a quick strike rig in the local lakes and catch big pike or muskies! Work the weed edges (10-15ft deep) on drop offs near deep water—45 f.t +.  Look for walleyes in the deep holes and the dying deep weed line.  With this warn weather, the weed lines will see a spark of activity.  A rainbow chub about 3” long on a jig will do the job.  The largemouth bass are gorging on the deep weed lines.  Use a Stanley jig tipped with a small Berkley Gulp grub.  Stick to black and brown for colors.  A standard Texas rigged black plastic or a jig worm comb will also work.  Smallmouth bass are schooled heavily on steep breaks that have rocks and some weeds.  Look for the fish suspended on your electronics. If the wind is blowing into a rocky/gravel shoreline –you better fish it. They can’t resist a sucker minnow on alive bait rig—it’s almost cheating!  Good luck, Lotsa Fish!  Lotsa Fun!  Captain Josh Hagemeister, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service.  218-732-9919.  www.minnesotaguideservice.ccom


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