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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 3.22.17

Panfish, Panfish,crappie will ice Panfish.  Shallow water ice fishing has been good and really good when the weather warm up and melting occurs.  Along with the longer days comes the natural triggers of insect activity and baitfish moving shallow to eat—and the bluegills and crappies follow.  Sight fishing in 2-7 ft of water is the main stay. Drill a bunch of holes and “hole hop” until a school is found—then get ready.  Small Maki plastics on a tiny jig is all you need.  Stick to natural colors—avoid colors that are too bright unless the water is dirty or the sun is going down.  Don’t forget about the crappie minnow on a bobber rod to catch the fussy fish.  Good Luck out there, Captain Josh  , Minnesota Fishing Guide Service  218-732-9919


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