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October 2016 – Pick from all there is to do outdoors in October


Fall colors still await visitors with patches of gold, red, crimson and orange against a backdrop of green. Geese and ducks are migrating and often pristine white trumpeter swans can be seen in pairs on lakes and rivers.

The fall harvest is well underway with fields of corn, beans, sunflowers and potatoes waiting to be picked or being readied for next year’s crops. With an extended fall season gardeners are still enjoying fresh produce even as they take off the screens, rake and prepare for the months when outdoor activities will take on a different pace.

Some hunters have headed to the woods and water, paddlers relish one more morning cruise around the lake and anglers take to the water catching fish and the mirror image of fall colors.

For others, it’s time to hike, bike or ride miles of ATV trails to view the landscape and take in the comforting scent of crisp fall air then enjoy a bonfire, hot apple cider and spectacular sunsets at the end of the day.

The Park Rapids Lakes Area remains a beautiful, peaceful place to head outdoors, relax or enjoy some local culture. There’s always lots to see and do.

Fall fun continues with Fall Festival and Pumpkin Parties at Carter’s Red Wagon Farm. The Farm is open Saturdays through Oct. 29 as well as Thursday and Friday, Oct. 20-21 (Teacher Association weekend). The farm offers everything to love about fall and will include corn, hay bale and straw mazes, themed wagon rides, giant pumpkin boats, games, food and much more.

The local buzz is about a new way to celebrate fall at a Wild Rice Festival. The Nemeth Art Center, in partnership with the White Earth Nation, Park Rapids Downtown Business Association and Park Rapids Chamber of Commerce is hosting “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” at Armory Square Saturday, Oct. 22. The event will run from 10 a.m. to midnight with musicians, a fire dancing troupe and regional artists’ work on display. Along with showcasing regional artists and musicians, the Wild Rive Festival will present an opportunity to stock up on authentic wild rice, discover the natural environment which produces different strains of wild rice found in rivers and lakes throughout the region and learn how local wild rice is harvested and processed. Last but not least, there will be a wide variety of food available for purchase at the festival.

Downtown Park Rapids businesses will hand out treats to trick or treaters from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 31. Watching the stream of hundreds of colorful, costumed characters is part of the fun.

Many other activities and events to celebrate fall are on the October calendar. The Chamber Website has all the information you need to put together a memorable stay. If you want help or have questions, call our friendly staff at 800-247-0054 to learn more.


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