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Smokey Hills Fishing Report – 7/31-8/6/2016

Park Rapids Fishing Report 7/31/16 to 8/6/16
Courtesy of Smokey Hills Outdoor Store

Walleye - Out off the deeper shelf’s, breaks, and weed lines in 18’-22’ ft of water. Most fisherman are pulling number 7 or 9 Rapalas through the deeper waters. Some fisherman are trying suspended fishing over 30-40 ft of water. Either jigging or simple robber fishing with a leech or minnow!

Northern - Searching for the cooler waters across most lakes in anywhere from 10’-15’, off deeper structural patterns. Tie on a classic Eppinger “Daredevil” or “Red Eye wiggler” spoon for a chance to hook that trophy!

Bass - Mostly found on the deeper structures in 14’-18’ around the taller weed beds and drop-offs. Tie on a VMC “Heavy Duty Wide gap” off set hook pairing it with a YUM “Dinger” in a Texas rig or a “Christie Craw” for your best chance on bringing in that +5Lb bass!

Sunfish/Crappie - On the hunt for the deeper weed beds like all of the other species. Find 12’-16’ with the taller standing cabbage and coontail weeds and tie on a VMC “Wingding” or “Nymph” paired with a worm, leech, or small crappie minnow.

Josh Severtson

Need advice or help on how to do it? Come see Josh in the fishing department!


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