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Minnesota Fishing Guide Report – 8.24.16

IMG_0400 IMG_0402What another great week for fishing in the Park Rapids area. This week there was a big uptick in the smallmouth bass action on all the lakes in the area with the smallmouth bass in them. The fall equinox is upon us and causing the fish to school up more heavily and become more aggressive in preparation for winter so feeding is constant. I’ve been catching a lot of nice bass on shallow rocky gravel areas using a jig head tipped with a plastic crawfish. If you’re into live bait use nightcrawlers on a Jig as well. The walleyes are split down the middle with many fish still using the weed lines in the 15 to 20 foot depth range well others are schooling heavier on steep drop offs leading to Deepwater as far down as 40 feet each lake is different so try both. Live bait options range from a 3 to 4 inch minnow to a nightcrawler. Many of the big bluegills can be found roaming deeper flats adjacent to weeds the flats seem to be best at 15 to 20 feet in depth. Using your electronics to find the schools and then simply drop down a small tube Jig to catch them. The larger northern pike can still be found suspended out from the weed line over the basin of the lake. Using a crank bait that may dive down to 10 to 15 feet cast away from the Weed line towards Deepwater and reel it back towards you that suspended northern pike will attack. Good fishing Captain Josh and Minnesota Fishing Guide Service 218-732-9919. Or


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