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Park Rapids Area Fishing Report – August 26, 2015

Park Rapids Area Fishing Report – August 26, 2015
Courtesy of Smokey Hills Outdoor Store

With the days of summer winding down, and the water temps dropping, the fall bite is starting to pick up more and more. Fisherman are putting the leeches and crawlers away and grabbing the minnow bucket.

Walleye- Slowly moving into the shallower flats at night, looking for the easy prey to come swimming by, after dark float up into about 12-16 feet around weed lines and beds.

During the day head to 16-20 feet of water along sandy flats and Tie on a VMC “Spindrift” paired with a rainbow minnow or small sucker.

Northern Pike- Hovering around the thicker weed beds, weed lines, fallen timber and just structure in general. Cast for 8-12 feet of water with either a Rapala “Shad rap” size nine or a live bait rig with a Gamakatsu “Circle Hook” Paired with a slip bobber and quarter ounce weight or so for best luck!

Bass- The bass will be spread out across from 1-18 feet of water. For the shallow pigs look for 1-4 feet in the lily pads, pencil reeds, docks, and fallen timber. Finding these locations and cover will go great together with the Lunkerhunt “Combat Frog”.

For the deeper approach tie on a VMC “Wacky Jig” either 1/8th or 1/16th ounce head teamed with a YUM “Dinger” for your best chance on snagging a wall hanger!

Sunfish/Crappie- Hanging around 10-16 feet. Search for the taller growing cabbage weeds, coontail, and any deep growing weeds. Use a cast and retrieve method to locate the fish. Tie on a VMC “Boot tail” to locate the fish.

Once located toss on a slip bobber with a Northland “Fire-Fly Jig” paired with either a small crappie minnow or a piece of either leech, crawler, or wax worm!

Make sure to visit Smokey Hills Outdoor Store in Park Rapids when visiting the area, our staff know the area and would be happy to offer advice on fishing and equipment.


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