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Park Rapids Area Fishing Report

Park Rapids Area Fishing Report 5/24/15
Report written by Josh Severtson of Smokey Hills Outdoor Store

With Between six to eight inches of rainfall in the Park Rapids area within the last week ,water temps haven’t moved much from lake to lake. Expect water temps to be hovering around 55-60 degrees. Like the previous weeks warm water is still the ticket for that trophy fish. So look for warmer river inlets, springs, bays, and channels.

Walleye- Sitting in the middle of the spawn the walleyes and bigger game fish will start to leave the rivers and streams and congregate towards the river and stream mouths looking for baitfish to repack the pounds.

Look for 8-15′ of water along weed lines or standing structure. Tie on a Kenkatch “Long Shank Jig” paired with either a Yum “Walleye Grub” or a shiner for best luck!

Northern- Hanging around the same general area as the walleyes, northerns are feeding as aggressive as ever!! For your best chance on hooking that wall hanger look for schools of baitfish or smaller fish in 8-16′ of water around structure. Tie on a Gamakatsu “Octopus Circle hook” baited with a large sucker minnow and slip bobber.

Crappie/Sunfish- Starting to hit the shallows on most lakes in the area the sunfish and crappies are on a little bit later spawn schedule compared to last year. Find a good majority of the bigger gills and crappies to be in about 6-12′ of water around any tall standing structures such as standing weeds, fallen or sunken trees, docks, ect. Rig up a slip bobber with a Pink and White “Flu Flu” or a Northland “Fire Fly Jig” paired with a crappie minnow to put those slabs in the boat.

NathanCampbell_walleye 5.28.15

Nathan Campbell pictured with a recently caught 29″ walleye


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