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Weekly Fishing Report – September 10, 2014

Park Rapids Area Fishing Report
Submitted by Smokey Hills Outdoor Store, 9/10/2014

As the Park Rapids area lakes continue to cool, the fishing continues to heat up. The seven day forecast calls for overnight temps in the 30’s and 40’s. The ever-extending hours of darkness will contribute to a decline of the water temps on our area lakes. Fall is here, like it or not!

The boats of less avid anglers have already began taking up spaces in the local storage garages; while many avid walleye anglers are making sure that their fishing line is fresh for the hefty fall walleye bite. As the daylight continues to make a shorter and shorter daily appearance, the ‘eyes get more and more active knowing that winter is coming and they must store up fat reserves for the long, slow winter. The walleyes will feed where the feed is available, which is currently on the deep weed edge in 10 to 20 feet of water. A Northland™ “Glo Jig” paired with a fathead minnow and a “twister tail” will get the marble eye’d fish to snap their jaws. Keep light feet when fishing them at these shallow depths, they spook easily.

You may spend your summer trying to ward off pesky “hammer-handles” (small pike) as they are a menace snapping off your lures and causing you to practice your knot tying skills, but in the fall, the small pike go into hiding as the big dogs come home to feast. Once pike reach about five pounds, they spend their life chasing prey in cold water. During the warm water months they are found gobbling up tulibee at depths up to 50 feet; this makes them hard to locate in the vastness of the barren deep. Get out your heavy gear and head to the shallow cabbage weed stands as well as the sunken islands, rock piles and points. It’s prime time to put a giant on the wall. An 8, 10 or 12 inch Jake™ crankbait will emulate the tulibee that they can’t resist.

As the lily pads die off, the largemouth bass will congregate to areas where the pads are still green. This makes the big fish easier to find. A slow presentation such as a Northland™ “Jungle Jig” paired with a Papa’s™ 3.25” chunk should be strategically and quietly dropped in the pad openings. You may have to let the bait sit for a 3 count, but if they are there, they will usually inhale it. Bass can also be found on deep running points and the best way to hook them is with a Rapala™ DT-16 or DT-20. Use a slow retrieve for the best results!

Bluegills and crappies will still be found clinging to the remaining living submergent weed growth. As with recent fishing reports, they can still be most easily caught using a 1/16thoz or 1/8oz FluFlu™ jig tipped with a crappie minnow or wax worm. Deep growing weeds are definitely key in narrowing down the locating of nature’s tastiest of treats.

Smokey Hills Outdoor Store now has a full line of duck, goose and whatever other kind of animal call that you may need for the fall hunting season. Ask Jared, Drew or Josh about the new duck blinds and decoys. Last but definitely not least, ask Nate, Greg or Hendri to help you design your 2015 model year Ice Castle. We have Northern Minnesota’s largest selection with over 60 units on the lot. Thank you for helping us break another sales record for the month of August. We are already on pace to break the record for this month! Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you soon!!

Ryan Marjama (owner Big Fish Guide Service) & Zach Milz (pictured) recently landed this massive 53” musky
(Photo courtesy of Smokey Hills Outdoor Store)


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