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Weekly Fishing Report – Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Smokey Hills Outdoor Store

Park Rapids Area Fishing Report

The Park Rapids area fishery did not disappoint last week as panfish, walleye and bass were all feeding ferociously on live bait and artificial lures. As the lakes are plentiful with prey midsummer, this week will be another great week to make some memories on an area lake. The weather forecast calls for sunshine, high 70’s and an occasional scattered shower…excellent weather for fishing!

As we are already to the midpoint of summer, the walleye are taking advantage of the wide variety of feed available throughout the lake. Your electronics are very important in dismantling the “walleye catching code” as location of the fish is always the key to putting ‘eyes in the boat. On our Park Rapids area clear, deep lakes; walleye can be found suspended over deep water feeding on dwarf cisco, cisco and panfish alike. Although it may seem impossible to pinpoint their locale when the fish are suspended down 5 to 25 feet over up to 120feet of water, paying homage to your electronics with gps mapping will unlock the secrets. Cisco are often attracted to deep running points and deep sunken islands, head to these places with a Rapala™ “Shad Rap” #5 or #7 at the tow. Troll at 1.5 to 2.3 mph until you hook a fish, mark the location on your electronics and stop the boat. Suspended fish are usually quite active and casting over the schooling fish can produce more strikes.

You may want to think twice about dipping your toes into Mantrap Lake, North & South Twin Lakes or Elk Lake as many massive muskies have been caught and released recently. The Minnesota DNR’s restrictive statewide slot limits have helped to grow some of the largest musky worldwide and your chances of catching a record setting fish are considerably above average in the Park Rapids. Black crappie are a favorite snack of the feared musky and knowing their location will help you locate the muskellunge that you are hunting. While a white or black KenKatch™ Tackle “bucktail” is always a great choice; switching to a large Jake™ 8 or 10 inch crankbait may yield a higher rate of catch. Search for thick stashes of cabbage and coontail weed growing out to depths up to 20 feet of water. These hideouts will attract the food that the musky love to eat, therefore, attracting the muskies to the same space. Cast your Jake™ parallel to the weed line and use a slow, wobbling retrieve to give the appearance of an injured, easy to catch prey.

This will most likely be the last week of the 2014 summer to find the bluegill still on their spawning beds. A good pair of Costa Del Mar™ polarized sunglasses will cut the bothersome glare off the water’s surface making “easy pickings” for the less than advanced angler. Once you locate their spawning grounds; back off and cast a bobber, Flu-Flu™ jig and angle worm and let the action commence.

Smokey Hills Outdoor store is northern Minnesota’s largest Ice Castle dealer and our inventory is truly remarkable with a current inventory exceeding 60 units. Many new 2015 models arriving daily and we are the only dealer to stock the “King’s Castle” and we currently have two King’s Castles on the lot. As always we thank you for all of your unremitting support, the projections for sales in the month of July are telling us that we will set another record! We remain humbled and grateful and hope to see you very soon!

Six year old Kennedy pictured with her recently caught Lake Emma bluegill.
(Photo courtesy of Smokey Hills Outdoor Store)

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