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Weekly Fishing Report – April 2, 2014

Weekly Fishing Report
Submitted by Smokey Hills Outdoor Store

As the temperatures are predicted to rise into the 50’s over the course of the next week, the bite will be progressively more active in the Park Rapids Area. The lakes will re-oxygenate as the sun melts the surrounding snow and ice. The panfish bite has gone from lazy to crazy in the course of a few days. Northland’s™ “Rippin’ Shad” will attract the active crappie. You will find them moving into shallower waters to feed. Optimum depth is 14 feet and the time of day will be less important as the melt water continues to energize the fish. Attach a minnow head or wax worm to the front treble of the “Rippin’ Shad”, they will attack the lure head first. Go to the sand flats to find a bucket full of massive pre-spawn perch. Drilling multiple holes may be necessary to find the randomly swimming schools. Depths of 4 to 10 feet will hold the lion’s share of the jumbo perch. Any of the size #12 or #14 tungsten jigs such as the Northland™ “Mooska Jig” tipped with a wax worm will do the trick. In early spring you will often find the bluegills feeding alongside the jumbo perch. If you aren’t finding success on the sand flats for bluegill, just move to slightly deeper water 14 to 20 feet of water. Stop by the store for lake specific hot spots and hot tips. We look forward to serving you soon!

Nathan Campbell with brother Brad Campbell showing off their 12″ to 13.5″ perch.
Caught on March 31, 2014 “in Hubbard County”.
(Photo courtesy of Smokey Hills Outdoor Store)

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