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Park Rapids Lakes Area Weekly Fishing Report – 12/26/13

Smokey Hills Outdoor Store
Slush and flooding are still a problem on most of the Park Rapids area lakes but there are many areas of good ice if you know where to go. Fish Hook Lake has the best ice in the area, the west end of the lake has an average of 11 inches good ice with up to 18 inches of ice on the plowed roads. A few large houses are making their way out onto Long Lake (South), but the ice varies greatly in thickness from 6 to 11 inches of ice. Big walleyes are being caught on both of these lakes in 13 to 19 feet of water. Kenkatch™ glow “Boss Jigs” tipped with a minnow head has seen much success in recent days. Peak fishing hours are 3:30pm to 6:30pm and 9pm to 11pm. Give us a call for more specific and detailed reports!  

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