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September in Lake Country

September 2010
Bring on September

If you polled area residents and asked “What’s your favorite time of the year?”, most would say “fall.”

The pace of life slows a bit, the scenery is spectacular and the mosquitoes are gone. Because rain was plentiful in August, the trees and landscape are still green and fresh as September begins. Lakes and rivers mirror their surroundings and will soon reflect the change of seasons. Geese and ducks have begun making their noisy overhead formations, preparing to depart.

Earlier concerns that our common loon population may be heading toward danger when they migrate to the Gulf of Mexico have been somewhat alleviated. Nonetheless, researchers with the US Geological Survey will study their migratory movements and feeding patterns as our loons migrate through the Great Lakes toward their winter homes farther south. By using satellite tracking devices implanted in loons from Wisconsin and Minnesota, scientists expect to learn essential information about avian botulism and help managers better understand how loons fare as they head to their wintering grounds along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts.

The small community of Nimrod hosts an end-of-summer bash like no other over the Labor Day weekend. The theme for the 32nd Annual Jubilee Days this year is “Doin’ it again in 2010.” Festivities include a bull ride, parade, mud run, fireworks and much more along the banks of the beautiful Crow Wing River.

Akeley will celebrate its 3rd Annual Hay Days Friday and Saturday, Aug. 17-18. Other cultural events from a fall trail ride in the Huntersville State Forest to Pumpkin Parties at Carter’s Red Wagon Farms are on the September calendar.

Not to be missed is the Headwaters 100 bike ride Saturday, Sept. 25. 100-mile, 75-mile and 45-mile rides provide an opportunity for a beautiful ride in a well-organized event, sponsored by the Itascatur Ski, Bike and Run Club.

On Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 25 & 26, the Park Rapids Lakes Area Arts Council will sponsor the 5th Annual Art Leap, a driving tour of artists’ studios and other cultural destinations.

The Fall Slam Fishing Tournament on Fish Hook Lake also lands on Saturday, Sept. 25.

Many other activities and events to celebrate fall are on the September calendar here in the Park Rapids Lakes Area. Or just head north for a stay and enjoy listening to the pine cones plopping to the ground below, the special scent of the fall afternoon air, the sight of early morning fog on lakes and fields, the sound of geese flying overhead and the feel of a warm campfire.
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