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Find the Season’s Magic Here…December 2009

December 2009
Find the season’s magic here

The winter solstice soon marks the shortest day and longest night of the year and gives Santa more time to hop from rooftop to rooftop on his magical rounds. It can’t be a coincidence. We treasure silent nights and star-covered skies.

The countryside prepares for winter recreation with the same measured steps we take to decorate for the holidays. A fringe of ice is circling our lakes. Woods trails will open for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing as soon as Mother Nature endows us with more snow. The leaves have dropped, clearing the way for a distant view of green pines and white skeletons of birches and poplars and seeing birds.

’Tis the season of wreaths, music, food, festivities and good cheer. Some of us are caught up in traditions like sending cards, baking, planning get-togethers and shopping.

For those who shop here, the Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Jingle Bells promotion tantalizes with a sweepstakes that offers five $1,000 prizes and one $5,000 prize. Participating businesses are giving customers a ticket for each $10 spent in their stores. The lucky winners will be announced at a celebration Dec. 17 at Century School. Hundreds of people gather at this annual community evening of food, music, fun and door prizes for many who attend.

A weekend or a week here to embrace the joys of the season, experience nature and take life at a different pace may be the best gift to you and yours for the holidays. Some may want to head outdoors. Others may want to enjoy a concert, go to a play or find church ladies selling homemade lefse. Visitors are always welcome to share the culture of those who live here and appreciate the area’s natural wonders.

All season, Park Rapids’ giant tree brightens Main Street on winter nights and stands as a symbol of small town cheer and good will, lighting the way to a New Year.

December and its magical pleasures await. If you need help planning a memorable and affordable visit or if you have questions, call our friendly staff at 800-247-0054 to learn more.


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