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Park Rapids Fishing Report June 18th, 2009
Anglers visiting the Park Rapids over the past week have been greeted by inconsistent fishing success. Fluctuating weather patterns and water temperatures that rise one day and fall the next have put many fish species in a state of uncertainty. However, there is a silver lining to the saturated clouds which loomed above the area last week- after only a couple days of consistent weather patterns, the fishing should hit a peak. Walleye have been the most cantankerous out of all the fish species this week. While some anglers land a few nice ones in 10-15 ft, other anglers encounter active schools in 18-25 feet. But the theme has been “here today, gone tomorrow”. What worked out yesterday doesn’t necessarily equate to a bend in the rod today. So in other words, stay flexible, explore various structures and don’t be afraid to travel coast to coast on a lake and search from shallow to deep. Northern pike on the other hand have been keeping the anglers focused by snatching their minnows and flashy spoons, spinners and crankbaits in between the walleye bites. Look for newly developing cabbage weeds in 6-15 feet of water to catch a toothy pike.The panfish (both crappie and bluegill) have for the most part finished spawning and have set up camp on the underwater weedlines in 6-15 feet (very similar to the pike since they’re a food source for the northerns). A great presentation to catch those bull bluegill and slab crappie is a Northland Tackle Panfish Tube. It looks just like a minnow fry and the fish absolutely love it. Bass have been extremely active and the majority of both largemouth and smallmouth have completed the spawning process. Right now you can find both species shallow and deep. Smallmouth will gravitate toward rock, rubble and sand, while largemouth tend to prefer lilypads, reeds, and deeper weed varieties like cabbage weeds and coontail. The muskie action has been a little slow, but most anglers are reporting curious follows with a few muskie landed here and there. Main lake humps and points have been more productive than lengthy shoreline breaks. A few days of clear sunny skies should get the muskie excited to grab a quick meal; just one great reason to head to the Park Rapids area!
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