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Where Beauty & Nature Intersect

Spring Comes to the Park Rapids Lakes Area

April 2009

It is truly spring in the north woods. The Great Blue Herons are diving into ice-free lakes and the loons are calling out their happy return.

Or as a writer named Doug Larson put it: “Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”

Our shoes here at your Park Rapids Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce tread carefully as we put everything together in preparation for the launch of our new Website April 30. We sorted through thousands of pieces of information and, like puzzle masters, have worked to put them together into a whole that will serve our members in a new and better way. Now that the picture is whole again, we hope you will walk through the site, let us know if we have missed something and call on us to help you better promote your own business as partners with us.

The new Website will always be a work in progress and it will be better with your help.
Let us know your “Hot Deals.” Contribute to our calendar with your events. Link your Website to your business presence on our site. If technology isn’t your friend, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

We know everyone is putting on a welcome face in preparation for the fishing opener in two weeks. Many of our “snowbirds” have returned, smiling and suntanned. It is part of life here that we are optimists at the beginning of each new season and its progression of change. In spite of the economy, we have every reason to be hopeful this will be a good year.

Traditionally, when the going gets tough, people stay closer to home when they travel and are mindful of what’s important in their lives – family and time away from their stress and worry. We are their destination for enjoying life. Our accommodations are their personal retreat and our wonderful community is their home away from home.

That is all we need to remember – and we can whistle as we welcome them all to our north woods home.


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