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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 9.20.17

2017.09.20    No Comments

Hello everyone, Happy Fall.  Things are changing fast—for the good! From Leech Lake all the way over to Detroit Lakes–that puts Park Rapids in the middle!  Panfish are schooling in deeper water.  Look for them in the 15-30 ft range.  Smallmouth bass are gathering along steep breaks near deep water.  Catch them with a crawfish […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 9.13.17

2017.09.13    No Comments

Fall Crappie fishing has kicked in throughout the Park Rapids area.  Concentrate on the deeper muddy bottoms in the 19-25 ft range.  Use an 1/8 oz jig tipped with a crappie minnow and keep a close eye on your electronics so you know how high off the bottom to keep the jig.  Northern Pike can […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 9.6.17

2017.09.08    No Comments

Fishing in the Park Rapids Region is taking a steep turn into Fall patterns—quickly.  This is creating heavy schooling of fish.  As the waters cool the fishing gets hot. This will continue through October.  This is the time of the year to start using big minnows for live bait for walleyes and Pike.  Steep drop […]

September 2017 – Picture yourself in fall’s beautiful surroundings

2017.09.01    No Comments

Never underestimate the beauty of the gradual slide from one season to the next as early fall reveals itself across the north woods. Whether you prefer to just view the changing landscape or take part in one of September’s special events, it’s a show that only arrives once a year. End your summer with a […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 8.30.17

2017.08.30    No Comments

Hello everyone this weeks fishing report is similar to last week we are kind of in the late summer early fall holding pattern in the Park Rapids area.  One of the major changes is in fishing for smallmouth bass they are beginning to school heavily  on steep drop off’s near gravel and rock bars. Use […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 8.23.17

2017.08.23    No Comments

Fishing around the Park Rapids area has been very good in the last couple of weeks and will only get better as fall approaches.  Walleyes are starting to school up in deeper water and feeding Strong.  Crappie’s are also starting to move into deeper water and are hitting jigs and minnows. Trolling a large spinner […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 8.10.17

2017.08.10    No Comments

Hello everyone I spent the last few days fishing for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass in the Park Rapids area. Most of the smallmouth bass action has been happening in the 6 to 23 foot depth range concentrate on areas that include boulders and weeds mixed together. A jig head tipped with a nightcrawler or […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 8.2.17

2017.08.02    No Comments

Hello everybody, Captain Josh from Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, with the Park Rapids Fishing report. This last week brought us a  bunch of mixed bag catches meaning as we were fishing we were catching walleyes, crappies, pike, bass, and some monster bluegills.  Many of the fish have set up on the deep weed line in […]

August 2017 – Plan a legendary stay

2017.08.01    No Comments

July may have fireworks, but August explodes with festivals and events to experience before summer’s end. Or you can just go fishing, take a kayak around the lake, try tubing down a river, pitch a tent under the pines, go off line for a few days or do some shopping where you don’t have to […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 7.18.17

2017.07.19    No Comments

Despite the non-consistent weather of the fishing has steadily improved from good to even better in the area.   Northern pike panfish and walleyes  are all feeding heavily. The biggest of the Sunfish are in the 15 to 20 foot range hanging out with the walleyes. Are you live bait rig Tip with a medium Leach […]

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