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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 5.18.17

2017.05.19    No Comments

With water temps around the state hovering around 60-65 it has been easy to find just about any panfish in the shallows spawning, getting ready to spawn or actually completed. No real secrets here folks, just practice selective harvest so there are fish to catch 5 years from now.  Walleyes can be found roaming the […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 5.3.17

2017.05.03    No Comments

With the water temps plummeting with the cold snowy weather we have been having , the fish activity has slowed a little bit.  Basically the fish have been hanging a bit deeper (5-8 ft).  As the weather warms up –thanks to the nice upcoming weather—the fish activity will increase as well.  Look for the fish […]

May 2017 – Celebrate spring in the great outdoors

2017.05.01    No Comments

Spring has arrived in fits and starts – warm one day, snow the next – but she’s finally here. Our lakes glisten in the sun, the loons are calling and green washes fields and budding trees. Spring rituals like ditch clean up are well underway. Residents and resort owners are glad for nice weather to […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 4.26.17

2017.04.26    No Comments

Crappies and bluegills are in the process of setting up in the shallows to feed heavily before they spawn in a few weeks. They can be found right now suspended in the 10-20 ft range in the colder lakes, but if you can find water temps in the 50’s they will be in the 5-8 […]

The Ultimate List of Boredom-Defeating Activities for Kids in Park Rapids

2017.04.24    No Comments

When school lets out for spring break, summertime, or just the weekend, it is inevitable that kids will get bored. In the Park Rapids Lakes Area, there are tons of opportunities to have fun that don’t involve staring into a glowing handheld device. Here is a list of ideas to get the kids active and […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 4.18.17

2017.04.20    No Comments

With the waters warming up in some cases to the low 50 degree range—so is the fishing.  Look extremely close to shore—sometimes in 12-20” of water.  Gently cast a light float and small jig minnow combo past the fish (hopefully you found them by visibly scanning the shallows with polarized fishing glasses) and pull slowly […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 4.11.17

2017.04.11    No Comments

It’s happy days again, the ice is gone on many Park Rapids area lakes and thus begins the official open water fishing season.  And as the water temperatures rise so does the fishing action!  Personally,  I like 54 degrees for easy fishing, but decent fishing will start around 45 degrees.  The easiest way to find […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 4.5.17

2017.04.07    No Comments

Ice fishing is coming to an end quickly.  For me, it’s been a great productive ice fishing season.  Tons of fish have been caught, pictures taken, memories made for countless guests.  In a couple weeks, the open water guide season will start and I will again be working the 75 hour a week grind until […]

April 2017 – Early spring brings welcome sights

2017.04.04    No Comments

Kids on bikes. Shoppers without jackets. Grills on decks. “Snow birds” return. Sure signs of spring invite us to head outdoors to clean up debris winter left behind. Ice is not only retreating but at the stage some call “rotten ice,” spongy looking and poised to disappear with a good rain and a little wind. […]

Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 3.28.17

2017.03.28    No Comments

Not much has changed since last week—except the ice conditions.   Schools of bluegills and crappies can be found in the shallows just under the remaining ice.  Depths of 3-8 ft are common.  On the other hand, there are big schools of pan fish suspended just out over the deep water near the spawning grounds.  They […]

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