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Minnesota Fishing Guide Service’s Report – 8.30.17

IMG_3043Hello everyone this weeks fishing report is similar to last week we are kind of in the late summer early fall holding pattern in the Park Rapids area.  One of the major changes is in fishing for smallmouth bass they are beginning to school heavily  on steep drop off’s near gravel and rock bars. Use any kind of beat that looks like a crawfish and you will be in business. While I fishing remains very good at many different depth levels so keep an open mind most of the fish we have been catching the last few days have been in the 20 to 30 foot depth range. We have been using leeches and nightcrawlers. Look for the biggest panfish to be a deeper mud flats as they are scrounging for bloodworm’s. It’s not uncommon to catch some fish for Crappie’s deeper than 20 feet at this point. Good luck out there Captain Josh and Minnesota Fishing Guide Service 218-732-9919 or www.minnesotaguideservice.com

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